понедельник, 14 сентября 2015 г.

I was gone? No, just busy. I'm here again.

Yes, yes, I know ... I know I promised to write.
Every day I thought about what to write. But alas, there was a chur busy. It was free time, but when you have to write a focused and have a burst of energy.

I'll tell you what happened to me all the time.
I'm looking for a job. And so I decided to try myself in various fields .. I went for an interview at a scout - the person who is looking for new faces, models for modeling agency. I have, I have a lot of time I devote to this. Then I went and signed up for courses in acting and photos, as well as other activities. And interest took another agency to work with, she was not offered an interview for the TV channel Fashion One. And it was very interesting, but very difficult, I was very excited, well that could reshoot. From the moment I began to intensively study English, because I was ashamed of themselves, when all around with leading speak English, but I'm not.

My job is interesting to me, but it's still quite difficult and there is no stable income, not everything depends on me.

I accustom yourself to wake up early in the morning, because then you can have time to do a lot of things. Yoga workout in the morning - very nice, because it gives the tone of the body and wakes him up.

I bought some masks for the face and my problem area - for the eyes (wrinkles, even at my age they should not be). How will the effect, then tell you more.

And you know what I mean? I fell in love with Kiev! Really! I give the city an incredible energy, I feel a surge of strength! I was forced to be a large city in the rhythm of life, to work, to run. And I want to go to New York - but this is a dream and a goal. Not now, but I will be there once but I will. I am far from a wealthy family and I can not afford it. November will work to fly !!

Let everyone at least a little dream come true but it !!

Kisses) I will write soon)