вторник, 15 сентября 2015 г.

What should I do? My plans for the next few days.

Good evening)

Tomorrow I go to the office to work. So tomorrow the day pass quickly and the sensible do not have time to do nothing.

I start in the morning to do yoga or breathing exercises for the abdomen and waist, should work, as approved, 10-20 minutes in the morning and minus 2-4 cm at the waist. Let's see ..

On Thursday, I planned to stay at home as it is today. We need to work and work out the English language, I really want to talk to him, not only to understand the individual words.

Over the next month I will take classes in acting, photos and more. not that interesting, develops, will be a plus confidence.

I talked about the fact that I want to improve the condition of the skin, will play sports ..
I do it all, but not as often as we would like. My skin became more pure, but still those spots, redness and sores do not pass, you need a long-term care, but I'm happy.
Hair - still brightens them, I want to direct myself to make a pale blond. And I hair cut, and now I'll grow hair 2 years.

And one my problem - stretch marks on thighs, buttocks and upper legs. This is bad, I do not know from where they come from. I read a lot of ways to get rid and will soon be trying. But first, to increase the load on the sport and will do more stretching, but we'll see.

Over the weekend, I go to another city to her friend and spend a good weekend)

You all the best, I'll write soon. On what topic to talk about? Can I leave questions in the comments. Or can you tell us about a specific case which I do in life ??