понедельник, 10 августа 2015 г.

Introduction or why I'm here?


Someone asks today. Why did you set up this blog?

And I myself did not set specific objectives. I want to share pieces of their lives. So interesting. Someone can give me good advice,

A little bit about their lives to tell ...
My name is Elizabeth. In a week I will be 18 years old. This year was especially difficult for me. Less than a year ago, my mother died .... After moving from the Crimea to Kiev, where I started a new life. I meet new people, though all of these friends were 1000 km away. But I do not grieve) I try to make their lives better.
I love to cook, watch fashion and are very interested in the fashion-industry, as I was attracted to the study of languages ​​and sports.

But what is my problem?
I often throw the thing half way, or even too lazy to start doing what I want.
Yes it's me. Yes, I know it's bad.

This I think will help me blog.
I will describe all set me goals, tasks, upcoming events.
I will be so much more interesting. I want to grow in their eyes mentally and psychologically. Shares the results and feel supported.
I want exactly one year to say "Yes, look! It's been a while I have! And what has become, how I achieved everything!"

Soon, I will describe my plans and ideas. What and how I need to do. I just want to share with someone. Listen to ideas and suggestions.

All the while) See you soon)