понедельник, 10 августа 2015 г.

What should I do?

And so we continue ...
I have already said that I want to set a specific goal, and gradually achieve them.

Targets that do not have a specific time.
1. Granite science:
    - On coursera.org (I think many people know this site with programs for the study of the different categories) Select 2 courses and study it thoroughly.
As soon as I get the right course, then immediately begin to study it.
   - Go to the web-design courses
   -userdno learn English, and later other (Polish, Spanish, still would be interesting to learn some words in Chinese and Japanese)
2. In a healthy body, healthy mind!
  I've got a program on my smartphone Nike training with which you can pick up any training for the figure, tighten muscles and yoga classes.
But I threw in 2-3 sessions, the time, the mood is not .... And so ever. Bad. But now I have decided that you need to take for themselves! And take.
    - Yoga by Ellie Goulding - 6 minutes. Morning is the time for it.
    - Slender legs - perform 3-4 times a week.
    - Train Super press to perform 3-4 times a week.

3. Beautiful face
My constant habit is to pick the smallest pimple and black dot. No, not to my face all strewn with them, but sometimes they appear, and I do even worse. Hands need to beat yourself. Just from this problem with spots on his face.
 The goal: to find the means to align the color and improve the appearance, to get rid of blackheads and maximize vitamins nourish the skin.

And now for the tasks for this week.
1. I was in an interview on Thursday and go to training. The internship lasts for 10 days and it is necessary to pass it.
2. Find an apartment in Kiev to take off. This is a huge problem, that is. I live in the countryside and do not have a lot of money to pick up the first available apartment. But looking for, I try.
3. Sport !!!
4. Prepare for the birthday (I will celebrate with my dad and brother, although I imagined it quite differently ... In the tent on the beach with friends, watermelon and rolls ... beauty ... But all is now far away from me and I change action plan)

This is a report of my impending actions.
I will describe in detail the action that I will perform daily.

And I want to say.
Try hard, learn. and another dream and realize your dreams!
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