четверг, 13 августа 2015 г.

It is enough to have dreams and clear plans

During these 2 days, I came to the conclusion that without a clear plan of action, risk and the overwhelming desire of my life will be nothing.

I took a notebook and write down all the things that must be performed on a daily basis, as well as during their implementation ..

Learn English 1:00, exercise 30 minutes .... and so on.

Total specific tasks for the day I have accumulated 3.5 hours. You say that's a lot? Even if a person works, the free time is, to achieve the goals. study, rest. Even the time we spend on public transport can be used properly, reading a book or listening to foreign language lessons. If there is no time for sports ... Why do not you wake up 5 minutes earlier and do yoga exercises, and do so in the evening? And also there is a special program for the seven-minute daily workouts, a great alternative.

Just about the goals and objectives. If the reason you have not fulfilled aostavlennuyu problem, then you need to write down why not make. And so you can see what is superfluous, and that was just too lazy to run.

For 2 days, I redid a lot, I will not say that, because I have not yet reached a particular purpose. But I will say that when I promised to someone, or rather have written here, I can not undo my words.

So, I specifically took for his life.

accurate your results I will describe once a week.
This week will be cleaning. Total Body habits.
It's getting used to get up early, exercise, yoga, sometimes taking dance video lessons .. Change your diet .. Although I eat right and so, just for yourself.
Movement is life!!!

Live and enjoy! Good luck to all)